This equation specifies the exact monetary value of each information element in the possession of an organization that that operates any type of Profit&Loss account. In theory a rather simple expression but in practice a slightly more complex matter to address. Still, it is perfectly possible to apply for the benefit of profitability and efficiency, hence the tagline of InTheo’s company name – Applied Information Theory.

Information Centric Management (ICM) is a management framework consisting of six facets, each of which containing necessary models and methodologies for financial as well as operational efficiency in corporate information resource utilization.

It is a framework used to uncover, manage, and leverage, the economic values of information hidden in the depths of most organizations’ operations and balance sheets. It is also a working model that is comparably easy for any management team to adopt as a component of the everyday strategy and operations development activities.

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The key purpose of InTheo is to provide advisory services, a platform for insights and a continuing dialogue about the operative and economic impact of information in organizations’ everyday work and processes. Services can come in many forms, but some typical approaches are presented under Services below. Also, on this site you will find a collection of content, in different formats, percieved as particulary insightful or just of general interest but always with a bearing on the Applied Information Theory aspect that is the core reason of InTheo’s existence, Read more under insights below.