Futures Television

Book Authors: Gabriel Anderbjörk – Gardens on Intelligence

Podcast hosted by Futures Television, December, 2023

In this roundtable discussion, book author Gabriel Anderbjörk was joined by Kari Syrja and Rom Gayoso for a discussion on the book Gardens of Intelligence during the VC Europex conference.

Duration: 29:08

Scaling CI Platforms- Why do organizations struggle to get the expected ROI from investments in tech? It’s rarely because the tech is missing that one “killer feature.”

Podcast hosted by SCIP, November, 2021

In this episode of SCIP IntelliCast, we speak with the authors of the new book Gardens of Intelligence – Designing Robust Digital Market & Competitive Intelligence Platforms, Jesper Martell and Gabriel Anderbjörk. While Gardens of Intelligence is a new-to-world approach, it’s backed by decades of experience at successful global organizations like Ericsson.

Our conversation with Jesper and Gabriel covers:

  • How companies can use Gardens of Intelligence to plan investments in people, technology, and information depending on their unique needs
  • The 3 components every organization needs for an Market & Competitive Intelligence department to consistently deliver value
  • The role of artificial intelligence & machine learning in the intelligence cycle
  • How organizations’ information needs change as they advance
  • The rise in importance of managerial skills for MCI professionals

Duration: 39:08