This video channel contains old and new footage, starting as long ago as 1999. It is chronologically listed below, starting with the most recent first. You will find on-line interviews, recorded webinars, live presentations and more being added here as time goes by. 

Enterprise Intelligence – A lone wolf activity or a corporate capability?

Recorded webinar hosted by CILIP,  7 September 2023

One can find them in any company, the “lone wolves of intelligence”, i.e. individual subject matter experts with a mandate “to keep themselves updated” but with no, or very limited, communication with the wider organization around them. They do a fantastic job in information gathering and specialist skills development and they even reduce the risk of market and technical errors, but is that really intelligence operations in its true meaning?

In this webinar hosted by CILIP K&IM special interest group, Andrew White of Novartis and Gabriel Anderbjörk of InTheo, the latter being the author of the original paper on this topic and Andrew being the presenter who took this topic as a case study to the Pharma CI conference in March this year, argues that it is not. With the Novartis intelligence operation as a case, Gabriel and Andrew will aim at providing some fundamental supporting arguments for that Market & Competitive Intelligence need to be deployed and managed as a strategic corporate capability, including but not limited to, embracing the good old principles of communities of practice.

Duration: 1:02:03

How to Secure your M&CI Efforts Despite Limited Resources?

Recorded webinar hosted by Comintelli, 27 April 2023

Undertaking an MCI audit – Understanding the “as-is” to plan for the “to-be”.

This is a recorded webinar in which I am discussing, with Kari Syrjä of Comintelli, the importance of auditing your MCI operation to define you current resources and capabilities prior to embarking on an operations development project. The webinar was inspired by my recent paper on the topic Market & Competitive Intelligence (MCI) – taking the next step?

Duration: 54:48

The Gardens of Intelligence

Recorded webinar hosted by SCIP, 15 February 2023

SCIP book club informational session reviews ” The Gardens of Intelligence” by Jesper Martell and Gabriel Anderbjörk. Jesper and Gabriel will be talking about this framework designed to give organizations competitive advantage by using technology to support. The “Gardens of Intelligence” book describes an Information, Technology, People (ITP) framework needed to manage Market and Competitive Intelligence.

Duration: 49:16

Sustainability Intelligence – a corporate capability supported by MCI platform, Intelligence2day®

Recorded webinar hosted by Comintelli, 22 February, 2022

In this webinar, Gabriel Anderbjörk, CEO of Inzyon & Thomas Wulf, the Secretary-General of EUSIPA share ways in which to rapidly improve corporate Sustainability Intelligence capabilities with supporting strategies and tactics (Link:

Duration: 58:16

Market & Competitive Intelligence (MCI) –
What Knowledge Managers Need to Know for Success

Recorded webinar hosted by KM Institute, 2 November, 2021

In this webinar, Gabriel Anderbjörk, former director of telecommunications vendor Ericsson’s global intelligence operations, co-founder of KM/CI software vendor Comintelli and now founder and CEO of Inzyon, a SaaS Insights Environment providers, takes his newly published book “Gardens of Intelligence” as the starting point for a discussion on how to implement a KM based intelligence operation in mid- to large sized companies.

As a working example, he will use one of todays hottest KM/CI topics in both finance and industry, that of Sustainability Intelligence and Compliance. (Link:

Duration: 51:45

Comintelli Webinar on Gardens of Intelligence

Recorded webinar hosted by Comintelli, 14 October, 2021

In this webinar, GabrielAnderbjörk, CEO of Inzyon & Jesper Martell, CEO of Comintelli presents their new book Gardens of Intelligence. The book digs deep into the challenges and opportunities of how to succeed with technology platforms for market and competitive intelligence. The authors draw on their extensive experience from both Ericsson and Comintelli to present their “Garden of Intelligence” framework; 6 levels to growing a robust MCI platform. (Link:

Duration: 41:38

From Seeds to Fruits – The 6 Growth Phases of an Intelligence Management Solution

Recorded webinar hosted by SCIP (Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals), 25 February, 2020

In this webinar Gabriel Anderbjörk and Jesper Martell introduces a new development framework for putting a Market & Competivive Intelligence system in place. 

Duration: 55:21

Best Practice Intelligence Portals for Telecommunication & High Tech Companies

This webinar will describe why and how intelligence portals can provide a single place for all relevant market and industry news, reports and research. Focusing on topics and sources for the telecom & high-tech industry, the webinar will show live examples of how you can turn unstructured information from multiple sources into actionable insights.

Presented by Jesper Martell, former Manager, Ericsson Business Information Center, and Gabriel Anderbjörk, former Director, Corporate Competitive Intelligence at Ericsson.

Duration: 48:54

Introduction to Competitive Intelligence Portals

Recorded webinar hosted by SCIP (Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals).

The number of companies that are successfully deploying various kinds of Competitive Intelligence (CI) portal solutions are constantly growing. The phrases CI portals, Intelligence systems, CI tools, MI portals are heard everywhere, but what do they really mean? And why should you really care?

Duration: 47:17

Interview with the Money Channel

Bucharest, 10 September 2008

At one of my nice visits to Romania I was interviewed by the Money Channel news. The interview is in English but the Romanian translation makes it a bit hard to hear.

Lecture on Competitive Intelligence

Insead, France, May 1999

Time flies… I just recently found this piece on a VHS stored in a box back home. Its a 60 minutes (aprox) guest lecture I gave on Competitive Intelligence at Insead in May 1999. The technical quality is not great due to the conversion from old VHS to web but I myself found it both interesting and amusing to see what was said on these topics 15 years ago. Much is still valid while there are parts that rather provokes a giggle. Enjoy!