Advisory services are delivered on a one-to-one basis with each client. The typical format is one full day on-site meeting with the client per month for at least a six-month period and with additional visits and web-meetings as agreed from time to time.

 The advisory dialogue typically includes discussions regarding on-going change management initiatives, IT system reviews, process designs and other operations management issues but with the sole perspective of their impact on information driven value creation. It is more common than not that any such management initiatives open up for small, but high leverage, information management related components but that are not otherwise identified as they are not core to the main matter.

 The entire Information Centric Management model is based on comparably small, and resource limited, activities but that will provide high impact. Information strategy and management development is a long-term, but structured, development of certain key capabilities related to information resource utilization.

 The start-up of an advisory service delivery typically follows a diagnostic service delivery and tend to run in parallel with small periodical doses of very targeted organization training.


Diagnostic Services are typically delivered as 2–5 full day sessions on-site, including interviews/dialogues with key staff, workshops, information review and analysis.

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The purpose of each training program is to support the customer organization to develop the capabilities needed to improve operative information value extraction and thus close the potential gaps identified during the diagnostic analysis. Experience shows that the most valuable training is provided in rather short and distinct modules and that step by step support the changes to be undertaken.

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Workshop & seminars

In addition to the other three more specified services outlined here, hosting and moderating customer specific workshops and seminars has always been a regular and appreciated activity. If you have made your way through the site to this point, you will by now not be surprised when I say that any such session will take a very information centric starting point.

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